Hi, I'm Alita!

From Marriage to Kids to Flipping Homes to Tony Robbins to Liver Transplant to Interiors to… TBD

I feel like I have led (and continue to lead) a very full, happy, busy life – and I absolutely love it.

A Quick Glimpse

I met my hubby, Sebastian when I was just a teenager and was married 2 days after I turned 22. I had my daughter Kyla when I was 24 and my son Jacob at 25.

I’ve had the opportunity to pursue many of my passions including my first career as a Hairstylist where my work was featured on TV and in Weddingbells magazine. I was also an educator on stage at a few large industry events.
I competed in a few bikini competitions where I qualified for Nationals. I become an assistant for Dale Carnegie business training. My husband and I attended several Tony Robbins events for both personal growth and business growth. I’ve also had the immense privilege of actually being up on stage with Tony Robbins himself (it was seriously amazing)! Throughout the years I have met some amazing celebrities such at Scott McGillivray and Julianne Hough.

My Real Estate Career

My husband and I purchased our first house when I was 20. After selling our second home we both decided that we had a passion for real estate and were going to pursue that career.

In 2003 my husband obtained his real estate licence and 6 months later I obtained mine. Working with your husband and growing a business can blur the lines so to speak but we figured out a way for us both to not only work together happily, but focus our business in the areas that we loved to do.

For me that meant I could work with buyers that I loved and show them vision in the homes and helping sellers with Staging. The results of my staging was leading clients to ask me to come help them with their new homes, to pick paint colours, help with arranging decorative items and furniture and to prioritize with them projects and upgrades they should focus on to not only create a beautiful home, but to increase their value of their home. Flipped homes (8th homes) Help client flip homes.

I Donated My Liver

In 2014 I had major surgery and donated approximately 66% of my liver to save my best friend Sarah’s life. Going through such an impactful event with an extremely long recovery time encouraged me to re-evaluate what I wanted for my life. I decided to focus on doing more of what I loved in life both in business (pursuing my interior design diploma) and my personal life and truly cherishing every moment and opportunity that is presented. Sarah and I currently have the honour of speaking at numerous events to raise both awareness and funding for the Transplant foundation.

Diploma in -Interior Design

In early 2016 after lots and lots of hard work I received my Diploma in Interior Design and have added an extra layer of service to assist the clients of The Burlington Homes Team not only before they sell but after they move into their new home. After receiving several inquiries I have decided to open up select services to the general public to help Maximize the value of their home by creating the high end designer look without the high end designer price tag.

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